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The Shakers are considered a living myth. Their albums have been workshipped by great artists such as Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García. Today, 37 years after the group dissolved, their albums continue to be marketed throughout Latin America, Europe and in the United States.

The Shakers return seemed to be a Utopia hard to attain. However, in May 2005, the group announced they would return to the stage. Hugo and Osvaldo Fattoruso, Roberto "Pelín" Capobianco and Carlos "Caio" Vila have gotten back together and resumed a band that revolutionized the Río de la Plata music scene in the 1960's with hits such as "Break It All" and "Never Never".


In September 2005, The Shakers recorded a new music album at Buenos Aires Circo Beat studios. This album combines the Shakers essence with over forty years of accumulated experience dedicated to different music styles. "Bonus Tracks", an album with twelve brand new compositions and a version of "Break It All" that introduces an acoustic piano is the result of this combination.

In this new era, The Shakers have introduced some changes. They sing in Spanish and also sound different because their basic structure (two guitars, a bass and battery) has mutated into a bass, keyboard, and two batteries. Of course, when singing their classics, Hugo and Osvaldo go back to playing electric guitars.

In short, whereas in the past they pretended to be The Beatles, now they pretend to be The Shakers.

The artists experienced success at an early age. Hugo remembers that, "we experienced it with the intensity of youth, immersed in a changing world environment after the arrival of pop music."


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